Physician and Dentist Insurance Videos

At MJB Financial Services, we know that insurance can be confusing. That’s why we took the time to answer your most frequently asked insurance questions in the following educational videos. If you would like to discuss your insurance options further, contact us at (716) 632-4758 for a free personalized quote.

Disability Insurance Videos

What Is Disability Insurance?

Different Types of Disability Insurance Plans

Why Do I Need Disability Insurance?

What is Your Most Valuable Asset?

How Much Disability Insurance Do I Need?

What Is Human Life Value? (Human Capital)

What Is the Cost Of A Disability Insurance Plan?

When Is the Best Time To Buy Disability Insurance?

What Does Issued as Applied Mean?

What Is An Exclusion Rider?

Why Our Sponsored Residency Disability Insurance Plan Is The Best (UMRS-UDRS)

What Is A Postpone Application?

What Is A Decline?

What Are The Main Causes of Disability?

What Does Rated Mean?

What Does The Disability Insurance Application Process Look Like?

What Are The Most Common Underwriting Outcomes?

What Are The Definitions of Disability Insurance?

What Are Pre-Existing Conditions?

Visa Issues With Disability Insurance (UMRS-UDRS)

UMRS-UDRS Resident Obtaining Disability Insurance

UMRS-UDRS Exclusive Guaranteed Issue Disability Plan

Typical Benefit Period For Disability Insurance

Time Limits For Signing Up For The UB Residency Disability Insurance Plan

Types of Premium Structures

The Most Common Disability Insurance Exclusions

The Best Time To Get Disability Insurance (UMRS-UDRS)

The Price of Disability Insurance by Gender

Why Should I Cover My Retirement Contributions?

Protecting Your Retirement Income With Disability Insurance

Taxation of Disability Benefits

Retirement Income Protection

Paid Up Additions Rider

Non-Cancelable Disability Insurance

Magnitude and Probability

Is Foreign Travel Covered in Disability Insurance?

Non-Cancelable and Guaranteed Renewable Disability Insurance

How Does Disability Insurance Underwriting Work?

Group Disability Insurance

Government Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Does Purchasing Disability Insurance Affect Other Insurances I Have?

Disability Riders You Should Be Aware Of

Guaranteed Renewable Disability Insurance

What Is A Buy-Sell Policy?

Disability Insurance Application Process

What Is The Best Way To Cover Your Business Interests With Disability Insurance?

Association Disability Insurance

Business Reducing Term Disability Policy